The Legacy of Assembloids


initial quartet version
The original concept comes from 'Quartet'.
This is how it all started, a well balanced flashgame by Photon Storm in 2010.
Programmed by Richard Davey, Graphics and Music by Ilija Melentijevic

Assembloids Atari 2600

Atari2600 version
16.07.2017: Now available at
Check here for a updated score chart!
Starting as early as 2013, Martin 'enthusi' Wendt developed an ambitious version of Assembloids for the good old Atari 2600 in only 4K.
During the development process the graphics artist Sven Ruthner joined the project and strongly
improved the visual design of the game, however limited that is on the Atari 2600.
An early version won 2nd place at the Sillyventure 2013 party.
The winning prototype was sold to a collector in a charity auction for 201 eur (the full sum was donated to doctors without borders).
After some break and other projects, development on Assembloids 2600 was picked up again in 2016. The game can be purchased via
Follow the Assembloids 2600 thread on to keep up to date.
See here how the VCS and C64 versions are related.

Assembloids C64

C64 version
The game was first named 'Assembloids' for the C64 port.
In 2012, James Monkham approached developer Martin 'enthusi' Wendt with the idea to port Quartet to the C64 for
the second RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition.
Martin was enthusiastic immediately and together with the original artist Ilija and the musician Owen Conrad the 16KB game Assembloids was written.
Assembloids managed to place 2nd on that compo,
became 'game of the week' in the Micromart newspaper,
was covered in a 'making of' in the german RETURN magazine issue 14,
Reviewed as 'best game' in the polish mag Komoda, issue #8,
An slightly enhanced and polished version can be purchased via RGCD: Assembloids 2013
You will find some additional coverage, i.e., here:

Assembloids Atari 800 XE/XL

Atari800 version
A team around coder Xeen and musician stRing od Agenda and gfx artist Adam Wachowski wrote the port for
Assembloids XE for the Atari 800 XE/XL for the ABBUC Software Contest 2013, where it placed 2nd.

Assembloids ZX

(in progress)
Spectrum ZX version
Spectrum ZX version by Martin 'enthusi' Wendt and Ilija Melentijevic
Follow the Assembloids for the ZX Spectrum thread to keep up to date

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